Summer Maternity Style

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.31.57 PMI have the luxury of growing my large belly in the summertime. (Often in triple digit temperatures;) Planning for this, I ventured out to find easy dresses to beat the heat. In most cases, I selected items that you could throw in the wash and simply hang-dry.

In addition to dresses, I bought oversized T’s, a pair of jean shorts, 2 pairs of maternity jeans, and a few tennis skirts and tank tops.

Here’s my list:

Asos dresses: You can’t go wrong, they often change their selection, they ship incredibly quick, and it is rare that a dress is over $60.

  1. Mamalicious Sweat Dress: $41
  2. Maternity Midi Rib Vest Dress: $33
  3. Long Sleeve Chambray Smock Dress: $57
  4. Jersey Maxi Dress: $36
  5. White Embroidered Cotton Shirt Dress: $52

Nordstrom Maternity: A little pricier, but a few great options for fit, with multiple color selections.

6. Ruched Maternity Tank Dress: $88
7. Off-the Shoulder Dress: $115
8. Embroidered Maxi: $189

For maternity dresses, I also suggest TopShop. For non-maternity wear, I had success seeking out a few styles that worked. For me, I was able to find a few favorites at Anthropologie, Zara, Athleta and Madewell. Here I sought fitted tank dresses, maxi dresses and even flowy tops that were not maternity, but were easy to wear through the growing bump stages.

For your casual day-to-day wear: Here are my favorites:

9. Jean Shorts at Target: $25
10. Beyond Yoga Leggings: $105
11. Athleta Twist Back Tank: $49
12. Athleta Tee: $54
13. Striped Tennis Skirt at Target: $30
14. H&M Maternity Skinny Jeans: $20

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