5 Delicious Mocktails for Moms

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I haven’t had a cocktail since 2015. Truth. Among the list of things you have to give up during pregnancy…Rosé, Red Wine, Margaritas and Moscow Mules. Just a few of my favorites.

However, I haven’t deprived myself. Mid-pregnancy when we would go out to dinner, I’d say, “I’ll have a mocktail, bartender’s choice!” Or, I’d revisit my childhood and have a Shirley Temple.

I picked up a few things from those crafty mixologists. In fact, I created a few simple drinks at home this summer that were heaven. That was before I got the worst heartburn ever, and now I am just drinking water 24/7.

When you are pregnant, it’s not about what you are giving up, it’s about celebrating the little things, and finding things you can enjoy and create.

Here are a few can’t miss mocktails for the mom’s. Enjoy!

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