5 Delicious Mocktails for Moms

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I haven’t had a cocktail since 2015. Truth. Among the list of things you have to give up during pregnancy…Rosé, Red Wine, Margaritas and Moscow Mules. Just a few of my favorites.

However, I haven’t deprived myself. Mid-pregnancy when we would go out to dinner, I’d say, “I’ll have a mocktail, bartender’s choice!” Or, I’d revisit my childhood and have a Shirley Temple.

I picked up a few things from those crafty mixologists. In fact, I created a few simple drinks at home this summer that were heaven. That was before I got the worst heartburn ever, and now I am just drinking water 24/7.

When you are pregnant, it’s not about what you are giving up, it’s about celebrating the little things, and finding things you can enjoy and create.

Here are a few can’t miss mocktails for the mom’s. Enjoy!

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10 Great White Kitchens


One of the main reasons we were sold instantly on our house, was its open kitchen/living area. It truly is where we live. There are so few things I would change, it’s cozy, inviting, has a huge kitchen island, large L shaped couch for lazing and is perfect for entertaining.

But if we are talking dream kitchens, I look forward to the day when we can swap out the backsplash, update cabinet paint and get that fresh white look that I gravitate to, with a hint of contrast. Since I’m always looking at inspiration. Today, I thought I’d share 10 dreamy white kitchens.

Tomorrow, I’ll share decor items and materials that would be on the wishlist!

White Kitchen Inspiration:

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9 Unique Hostess Gifts

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Recently my cousin and her family visited from San Diego. On our her last day, we spent some girl-time shopping and lunching in Highland Park. Part of our shopping mission was to hunt for perfect gift for her next summer host, the ‘girl who has everything’. We had great success at a few local stores. And just a week later, on my doorstep the following week was the perfect hostess gift, from my cousin of course. She is a talented gift-giver. Going through that process, I realized I wanted to create a list of ideas so I have a few go-to’s!

I’ve rounded a few unique hostess gifts. When thinking about the appropriate gift and budget, consider if your host is simply having you over for dinner, throwing a party in your honor, or if you are a guest for an extended stay. Budgets I would recommend: For the first instance: $25-$60. For the overnighters; $60-$100.

Here are my favorites:

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Summer Maternity Style

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.31.57 PMI have the luxury of growing my large belly in the summertime. (Often in triple digit temperatures;) Planning for this, I ventured out to find easy dresses to beat the heat. In most cases, I selected items that you could throw in the wash and simply hang-dry.

In addition to dresses, I bought oversized T’s, a pair of jean shorts, 2 pairs of maternity jeans, and a few tennis skirts and tank tops.

Here’s my list:

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